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Our services ​

Our approach is consultative and​ bespoke, as no two persons have the same career aspirations, issues or needs .

In any client engagement, however, a nu​mber of elements tend to feature regularly.  

These include

  • comprehensively understanding the current situation and issues
  • examining options
  • assessment
  • defining and implementing a roadmap to current and future success
  • developing a personal brand and a social media strategy
  • intelligent networking
  • crafting a winning CV and LinkedIn profile
  • interviewing techniques and roleplay
  • opening, managing and closing opportunities-getting to Yes
  • providing valuable online and other resources 

These and many other elements are tailored precisely to individual needs. They are fulfilled via a series of face to face meetings backed up by help desk support when it is most needed.  

We have a proven track record of success using this methodology, which is based both on sound academic research and what works in the real world, as our clients attest.

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